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We See Bullies for What They Really Are

And we have both masculine and feminine tattoo options to get that message across

If you could only get one message through to bullies, what would it be? Would it be a warning message like, "Try me and you'll get double"? Would it be a veiled marketing ploy like, "Be a hero, not a zero"? Would it be a plee to their emotional side like, "Think of the hurt you cause"? We at Inked for Peace believe we are in a special position to speak very emphatically to bullies through our anti-bullying tattoos. Bullies tend to respect someone who comes across as tough and tattoos definitely scream "tough" after all. And our message for bullies is one of understanding, preemptive foregiveness, and just a little tough-love. When potential bullies see you wearing one of the tattoos below, either permanently or temporarily, it is our hope they will be reminded of the message and very likely think twice about bullying.
This is exactly how our founder approached designing the tattoo on the left just below. Incidentally, normally our founder wouldn't have designed a tattoo for a competition, but since we didn't receive any submissions, he took it upon himself to do so. Otherwise, those waiting to get "inked for peace" in support of the anti-bullying cause would have had to wait an inordinate amount of time. Of course, they don't have to get these tattoos if they don't like them. We very likely will run the anti-bullying tattoo design competition again, when we are a more well-known organization. At any rate, our founder realized the first design was to masculine for females and thought of the design on the right. Rather than design it himself though, he searched online and found tattoo artist Samantha Nan had already drawn exactly what he had in mind. She was happy to submit it to this competition. We hope she'll participate in future competitions because she's very talented, but in the meantime, why don't you check out the page we made for her and see for yourself?
All that being said, we're proud to offer both a masculine and feminine version of our anti-bullying tattoo! Now let's hear how Damian describes the meaning behind them, "I wanted the tattoos to reflect the bullies that see them, so that bullies see everyone sees them for what they really are. For the first design, yes, from afar it looks like a fist, but when we look closely, we see the anxiety, loneliness, frustration, anguish, etc. We also see the craving for what bullies very likely miss most - security and affection - as each of the fingers clutch one another tightly. All this is why I titled the masculine version, 'Look Closely at the Mark You May Leave.' This would actually work great as a temporary tattoo as a way of saying, 'The marks will fade, but your hurt may not.' In the end, the wearer has to be willing to give the bullies what they're really wanting, except when the tattoo fist hits the bullies, it's because of a hug. The feminine version is based on the exact same reflection concept, which is why it's an elegant hand mirror. The crying eye is that of the bully's. There is a separate meaning with this version though; in that, no matter how hard a bully may try, they can never break the wearer's 'mirror.' The tattoo will always be a reflection of the bullies own hurt, and not of the victim's, hence the title, 'It's Your Hurt that will Show.' Again, the mirror is no more once the wearer embraces the bully as truly desired."
NOTE: As with all of our future tattoo options (those that aren't logos of other nonprofits), you may request minor alterations. We will coordinate between you and the tattoo artist to make sure you get your ideal tat, while still supporting your chosen cause with the rest of the Inked for Peace community. Also, this being our first option that came out of a competition, we've determined it best that we only offer designs with only "line work." That way you can choose to have it colored-in or shaded and the tattoo artist can choose whether or not to charge you. It gives tattoo artists and parlors more incentive to participate. This could change in the future, but this is ideal for now. Lastly, when you apply for this tattoo option, be sure to have "Anti-Bullying Tattoo Request" or something to that effect in the subject line along with a brief summary of why you want to get "Inked for Peace" with this tattoo. We're still looking for people ready to get "inked for peace" and to tell their stories of courage and healing to the world. We'll feature you here and in our upcoming book, "The First 100 Peace-inspiring Stories." We hope to hear from you!