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Roustabout Your Way to Roustabout Tattoo

Because Ink is thicker than blood or water

We are overjoyed to showcase the next parlor to commit to getting our community “inked for peace” — Roustabout Tattoo and Piercing in Cookeville, Tennessee, USA. Roustabout is actually an offshoot of a novelty retail store called Illusion gifts, which is right next door. That store was so liked by customers that they asked owners Bill and Victoria to start offering tattoos and piercings as well. Customers probably wanted an excuse to stay in the store longer because Bill and Victoria treated them like family. Bill and Victoria were happy to obliged their customers and the shop opened in 2008. It has since grown to house three full-time artists and one full-time piercer. They not only provide exceptional service in both stores, but guarantee a safe environment, considering how they’ve aced every health board inspection. Emily is the artist who will take care our community member — Jessica. Emily does exceptional work and we are confident she will infuse the feminine version of our anti-bullying tattoo with superb style to Jessica’s utmost approval. Have a look at her work below.

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Emily inking a Roustabout client

Look at that shading work!

An awesome fish design

She does great coverup work too