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Samantha Nan

the designer of the feminine version of the anti-bullying tattoo

Samantha Nan is many things - an artist, a tattoo enthusiast, a wife, and an expectant mother. She also recently found out she was an Inked for Peace tattoo design competition winner and she didn't even specifically design the submission for the competition. Samantha Nan simply had an idea to draw a hand mirror with a crying eye one day and it wasn't until years later our founder, Damian Niolet, discovered it and asked if she'd be willing to submit it to the competition. Samantha was happy to do so, as it would support peace, which goes to show, Samantha fills yet another role - peace-promoter. We're happy to showcase Samantha Nan and some of her work here to say, "Thank you," for being a wonderful human being. She may be a bit busy in the coming months, but we hope to see more creative pieces from her in the future.

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Samantha designed this not even knowing it would represent our anti-bullying cause. Click image for more details.

Samantha and husband. Tattoo enthusiast, maybe??

Witching woman commission she did recently.