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Follow the White Rabbit

as they redefine the craft of conventional tattooing

We are honored to showcase the first tattoo parlor to commit to volunteering their time and talents for our mission — White Rabbit Ink. Owners Ace and Lusi Alexander immediately recognized the value in joining Inked for Peace in promoting peace through body art and their team will be instrumental in helping bring peace to the issues affecting our societies. We’re positive, after visiting White Rabbit Ink to get “inked for peace,” our community of tattoo and world peace enthusiasts won’t want to leave. The parlor sets itself apart in terms of both the tattooing experience and the quality of tattoo. The moment you step into their studio, located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand, you're surrounded by natural sophistication and it doesn’t take long to discover the tattoo artists specialize in bringing refinement to the inking craft. No matter whether you're looking for unique designs, alternative techniques, or repairs White Rabbit Ink has you covered. If you’re in the Auckland area, White Rabbit Ink is the place to go for all your tattooing desires.

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Ace did an amazing job giving our anti-bullying tattoo a classic/gothic look

Abstract/watercolour surrealistic wolf piece by Ace

Little line work piece by Lusi