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Damian Niolet’s Plan for a Cultural Revolution

And How Inked for Peace fits into it all

Damian Niolet was an airman in the US Air Force after 10 years (2004 - 2014) when he had a crisis of conscience and knew he could no longer faithfully serve. The foundation of his newfound belief system had already formed, but he began to explore the breadth and depth of his convictions in an effort to express them in his application to be released from military service. He quickly discovered his ideals had interwoven into every aspect of his life, including his aspirations as an entrepreneur. As such, the businesses he had envisioned years before were infused with nobler purposes and new business endeavors came into being.

It took 1 and 1/2 years for the Air Force to finally let Damian go. During the wait, he was working tirelessly to capture the essence of his new worldview and present it all in an intriguing and compelling way. He decided to write a book called, “Baseline Your Life,” and set about thoroughly outlining the major principles. He completed an extensive overview and turned it into a website — www.baselineyourlife.com.  As you can see, the material is not meant for the "twitter generation."  It is dense, to say the least. Damian knew the book would require provocative "hooks" to draw people in and then digestible morsels to entice them for the main course, so he devised several methods for doing just that.

While Damian was in the midst of working on these segments of thought-provoking content, he was forced to switch gears due to unforeseen complications related to his finances. Essentially, he was left with far weaker of a safety net than he expected as a result of “miscommunication” with the Air Force upon his departure. As such, his savings would be depleted much sooner than anticipated and instead of focus on revolutionary / entrepreneurial endeavors, he was forced to spend most of his days looking for employment.   As indomitable spirits go, however, Damian was determined to find another way to see the cultural revolution he envisioned become reality.

Damian knew the prep-work required for “Baseline Your life” would be too extensive. He also surmised “Baseline Your Life” would be too much to digest as a “first course,” even in small “bites.” That’s when Damian started thinking seriously about the best way to manifest the vision in his mind. What began as a hashtag after he got his first tattoo — #inkedforpeace — turned into an innovative idea, which grew into an entrepreneurial inquiry, which paved the way for a nonprofit startup. Damian singlehandedly put together this proof-of-concept website you're now on, along with all of its supporting material, such as the image below, and began the process of officially starting Inked for Peace.


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The image tells the rest of this story as it concerns Damian’s desired cultural revolution. For the rest of the story regarding his success…well, just keep coming back to this website and watch as the Inked for Peace concept takes hold, goes viral, and kicks-off the revolution. Or better yet, why not get involved and do your part to make this world a more peaceful place in which to live and thrive? Inked for Peace, Baseline It!, Inc., and Exemplary Media are bound to challenge your hesitations eventually, so why not be an “early adopter,” so you can say, “I was there from the beginning”? It all starts with “you” anyway.  ;)