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If you've overcome conflict/violence

Your story deserves to be told

We are aware of the hesitation some of you might feel toward sharing your stories of courage and healing with the world, but we can promise you the pluses far outweigh the minuses. Yes, you will experience a sense of vulnerability as you recount the pain you went through, but you will also feel immense empowerment through the process of letting go and/or closure. Not to mention, others will see your strength as an example and very likely begin their own journey toward recovery. Through sharing and caring, you'll connect with many others with similar stories and work together to prevent them from being retold over-and-over again in others' lives.

There are only so many spaces below; however, that's because this site is only in the "proof-of-concept" phase. We will eventually have a robust database of stories, all of which you will be able to navigate by cause, location, time, etc. You can reserve your space at any time by making an official request in the second form on the "Contact" page. You will be added to the queue and we will do our very best to fulfill your request in a timely manner. Once you're "inked for peace," we'll help you capture your story and post it below. But online is not the only place we'll tell your peace-inspiring stories.

We'll also collect every 100 stories and print them in a book, as envisioned in the mockup image above. We're affectionately calling the first edition - "The First 100 Peace-Inspiring Tattoo Stories." It will be a full color, perfect bound, paperback book and will be a fantastic addition to any coffee table or library, even video library. Why not have a nonfiction example of the peace that surrounds us mixed in with all the fictional examples of the conflict we're being convinced is all around us? But anyway . . . If you're in one of the books, you'll get a FREE copy! For everyone else, it will be available in our online store once it is up and running and select parlors. Get your requests in so we can help you promote peace through body art!

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