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Not Just FREE Tattoos!

What are members of our vibrant community saying?

I can't wait to get inked for peace, never been more motivated for something positive!
– Fiji in Saint Paul, Minnesota–
I'm so interested in this and I'd love to get involved!
– Gemma of England–
I really love this concept and I would love to be one of the first 100 to get inked!
– Stuart of New Zealand –
I love the idea of this. So pumped to support and share this idea!!
– Vicky-leigh of New Zealand –

Explainer Video - Business Model

Learn about how Inked for Peace plans on bringing two divergent industries together


Founder's Story

Damian Niolet - Airman turned pacifist

Despite a $100K a year salary, benefits-a-plenty, guaranteed promotions and raises, and a hefty retirement check for life, It was at the halfway mark - 10 years - that I experienced a crisis of conscience and knew I could no longer faithfully serve in the U.S. Air Force.  In fact, I quickly discovered I could no longer serve in any capacity that enabled warfare.  Entrepreneurship proved the only solution for actively countering, as a conscientious objector or pacifist, the mechanisms of escalating violence, which lead up to warfare and are embedded in so many of our systems.  Make no mistake about it, entrepreneurship is about innovative and peaceful disruption, and "Inked for Peace" is all about changing the prevailing view of the utility of body art and more importantly the inevitability of peace.

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Want to hear the full Story?

Click the link to find out more about Inked for Peace's formation and how it fits into a bigger vision.

Why Tattoos?

EXTRACTED FROM the founder's blog

Tell a Compelling Story

They say, "A picture says a thousand words," but a tattoo tells a couple hundred more.

Show Commitment to that Story

Courage is triumph over perceived fear, while commitment is triumph over certain pain.

Serve as Reminders of that Story

There's nothing like a strategically placed tattoo to get people talking.

Why do you like tatoos?

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How does it All Work, exactly?

promoting peace in this nature does come with certain terms and conditions

How to Donate Funds

Donate using the PayPal button on the linked page or thru our crowdfunding campaign.
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How to Advocate the Mission

No matter your specialty, we're sure you can champion the cause, just by being peaceful.
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How to Get Inked

Free, or discounted, and for a good cause!  Don't know if it gets much better than that!
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Already been "inked for peaced"?

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Meet the Staff

Interesting facts about the organization's leadership


We are in need of an experienced CFO.


Our founder waited 20 years before getting his first tattoo and the experience was the impetus for "Inked for Peace."


We are in need of an experienced CMO.

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